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A Vault of VVork

NOCENTS : Creating
Problems to Sell Solutions

Senior Thesis

January 2024 - April 2024
At NOCENTS, we aim to sell you nonsense that you would pay absolutely no cents for. We promise to do our best to sell you items you’ll never actually need, but might buy because we tell you it's a necessity! Welcome to the world of creating problems and selling you, dear consumer, our outrageous solutions. Available only at NOCENTS. Get yours today, while stocks last!

Inspired by old teleshopping ads, NOCENTS is a speculative brand of fictitious products, meant to critique the rampant consumerism slowly eating away at our society through a catalog, series of stickers, radio ad, coupon booklet, website, and receipts: all the touch-points that a consumer might interact with when making a purchase. Each product carefully created and advertised with humor and sarcasm to entice and goad the audience into making a purchase. 

Enjoy your shopping at NOCENTS and don’t forget to read the fine print! Terms and conditions apply.
Areas Covered: Branding, Digital Product Design, Advertising, Sound Design, Video, Catalog Design, Copywriting.

Tools Used : Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Avid ProTools, Reason, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Lightroom.

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