Vidhi Kontham  


A Vault of VVork


Mayhem and Madness in Music

Thesis 1

September 2024
This project detailed a collection of 256 images, collected at random which later had to be sorted into categories that would more or less make sense only to the curator themself. These categories would then in turn come together in the form of a book however seen fit. 

A major category that emerged through the collection was music. Almost 29 initial albums were a part of the collection which later inspired and held together the final book. As part of the process, the albums were cut down to 13 from 29 and were turned into their own categories. The remaining images were then slotted into the categories they seemed to fit in best and were then turned into 13 individual books, each with their own colour scheme and type pairing that best represented its atmosphere. Each page except the front cover featured a hole right in the center that enabled the books to fit into a jewel CD case to emulate the look, feel and experience of handling a CD album. 

To further make it a well rounded experience, the image segregation was done while listening to the album at hand and each book also features a spotify code leading directly to the album for your listening pleasure. 
Areas Covered: Editorial Design, Book Binding, Creative Conceptualization.

Tools Used : Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Lightroom.

Albums included : Beauty in Death by Chase Atlantic, Blue Neighbourhood by Troye Sivan, Badlands by Halsey, Lowlife Princess Noir by BIBI, Youngblood by 5 Seconds of Summer, Moodswings In To Order by DPR Ian, Moodswings In This Order by DPR Ian, Overdrive by I.M, Indigo by RM, Mono by RM, Minisode 1: Blue Hour by Tomorrow by Together, Heng;gare by Seventeen and FML by Seventeen.

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