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January 2023
Humans have invented various methods of time-keeping over the centuries. From hourglasses, sundials to our modern smart watches, we’ve explored the most primitive solutions to get to where we currently are. This project was a challenge to reinvent the wheel—or in this case, another circular object, a clock. Use of numbers (roman or otherwise), using clock hands or even using the usual placement of digits or lines were all forbidden to make it even more of a challenging task.

Inspired by the very human tendency to find meaning in the littlest things, Colour clock was born. This method of time-keeping is based on the skill of pattern recognition. A set of ten colours, each corresponding to a number from 0 to 9 cascade from the top of the screen to the very bottom in thin strips of either 4 or 6, (depending on whether or not you go for seconds) and move as slowly or as quickly as the duration of time that has passed. 

Designed an in-built widget for the Apple iOS software, it follows a simple UI that makes it easy to access as well as replace the traditional clock. Onboarding is also a non-issue with the widget being accessible from the homescreen as well as the colours following an intuitive order shifting from one to another. 

**Last updated in January of 2023, further updates would include more accessible feature, accounting for colour-blindness as a major update.
Areas Covered: Creative Conceptualization, Digital Product Design, Ui/Ux.

Tools Used: Figma.

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